How To Choose Music For Pilates – Moving To The Beat

Music has long been studied to have positive effects on both physical and mental health (see this article from Harvard for more info). Something about the arrangement of beats and the rhythm it produces help us tune our bodies the right way. It has been known to relieve stress, tension, and overall improves a person’s clarity of mind – well that is, when the music’s right.

Music alone already has several health benefits. Music with exercise opens up even more possibilities on improving physical health (check After all, who wouldn’t want to break a sweat doing a cardio-heavy routine while listening to Frank Sinatra’s classic records?

Wait, hold up.

That didn’t seem to come out right. I mean, who would want to liven up their Pilates moves to tunes that feel more like a part of your old granddad’s playlist? Exercising feels better with music but you really have to know which ones are appropriate for each routine. In order to better help you find the perfect beat to match with your Pilates workout, we have prepared this short guide to show you how Pilates music should be.

3 Easy Steps To Find Your Perfect Jam

  1. Identify The Type of Pilates Exercise You Include In Your Usual Routines

Do you do a lot of stretches? Do you prefer moving around and doing cardio exercises? Or, are you more focused on improving flexibility? All these factors will affect how you choose your music. You can’t really get into doing cardio workout when your music’s all serene and serious now, can you? In the same way you can’t fully immerse yourself in doing flexible stretches with an overly hype and upbeat music selection. Find out what type of Pilates exercise works best for you before you move on to the second step.

  1. Vocals vs. Instrumentals

If words distract you from completely engrossing yourself to your Pilates session, then you might want to consider instrumentals. Let the beats guide you – sometimes, you get to focus more on your movements this way. Or, you may like it the other way around, with vocals. Sometimes, hearing a voice present inside the room other than your own can also help you improve your concentration. Every person likes to do his or her routine a little bit differently. It’s high time you figure out how you’d prefer to do yours.

  1. Check Out Composers And Artists You Like

A music can be upbeat and perfect for other people’s cardio workout but still feel a little out of sync with you. In the same way, a certain musical piece can feel like a splendid match for other people’s Pilates stretches but still not jive with your tastes. In this case, you might have a problem with other factors such as the singer responsible for the vocals or the violinist behind the instrumental piece. As the famous line goes “to each his own.” And indeed it’s true. Find what fits you perfectly – music and artists considered.

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