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Non-opiate painkiller trials get the go-ahead

When it comes to strong prescription painkillers, most options include opiates – but that could be about to change. Israeli pharmaceutical company PainReform has just received permission from the FDA (the American Food and Drug Administration) to start late-stage clinical trials for a brand new pain relief drug that is completely free from opiates.

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The negative effect of opiates

This could revolutionise the way that pain is treated. After all, while opiates may be an effective way to remove pain, they also come with lots of serious negative side effects – One of the most dangerous side effects of the opiates is that they are highly addictive, meaning that millions of people struggle to stop taking the tablets once their wound has healed and their pain has gone. This has led to a seriously expensive health crisis in the US, but that isn’t all; opiate addiction can also ruin lives, making it impossible for people to go to work and maintain healthy relationships.

Thankfully, PainReform has announced that it now has permission from the FDA to go ahead with Phase 3 trials on their new product PRF-110, which helps to prolong the effects of a local analgesic (which is called ropivacaine). The studies will look at pain management for both soft and hard tissue.

The drug is provided before the wound is sutured during surgery. An initial study found that the drug was able to relieve pain for ten times longer than the current US standard of care, up to 72 hours after the operation.

This is very useful, as immediately after surgery is when opioids are prescribed. So this new medicine could completely cut out the initial need for opioids.

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If you are interested in finding out more about the adaptive phase 1 clinical studies, check out

Changing the way pain is treated

The company behind the new drug believes that the market potential for its treatment is around $5 billion, and it isn’t hard to see why. After all, this drug has the potential to drastically decrease opioid addiction rates around the world.

So far the company has raised $12 million for their next trials, although they need to raise another $15 million before the trials can start. The next trials are focused on hernia and bunion operations.

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